Protect your patients and your practice from the billion dollar drug test subversion industry. 

Ameritech Diagnostics Lab, PLLC. is proud to partner with Validity Diagnostics as we offer their Second-Generation DOA Sample-Integrity test panel.  
The ADL-VDx 5-Test Panel Detects 8 Classes of Subversion

ADL-VDx5-Test Panel

  • Counterfeit Urine Test

  • Oxidant History Test

  • Specific Gravity Index

  • pH

  • Creatinine

Subversion Classes

  • Counterfeit Urine 

  • Oxidant History 

  • Dil/Creatine/H2O Loading

  • Oxidants

  • Zinc

  • pH

  • Glutaraidehyde

The most common subversion methods to fool standard validity testing. These methods put your patients health and your practice in jeopardy.


Patient simply replaces dirty urine sample with clean synthetic urine.  This can even be done during observed collections using any number of available prosthetic devices sold on the market today.  


Some brands of synthetic urine claim to be Toxin Free.  These brands are often used for reverse flow catheterizations.  

Sample Spiking:

Patients add synthetic urine to their samples to decrease the prescription drug levels to mask overuse and abuse of prescribed drugs.  A small spike of prescribed drugs to synthetic urine can also be used to show compliance while hiding the use of other illegal substances.

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